Gym-goers have said they’ve been “sold a dream” as they continue to wait for a brand new PureGym to open in Sidcup.

The gym was originally set to open in Station Road and replace the former Lamorbey Swimming Centre.

A planning application for the new site was submitted by PureGym to Bexley Council in November 2022.

It later announced in March 2023 that it was “excited” to open at the Station Road branch in late summer 2023.

The News Shopper has since discovered that gym-goers are still waiting for the Sidcup site to open six months later.

A spokesperson for PureGym confirmed that the landlord has faced further delays to the building programme.

It added that it’s unable to commit to an opening date, but it is working closely together with the landlord to open as soon as possible.

Many reviewers on Google have been left frustrated with many giving it a one-star rating and describing the opening as a “joke.”

One person said: “It's been a year since I paid the upfront deposit and the gym is not opened yet.

“This is disgusting. I don't see this gym opening anytime soon.”

Another one added: “We’ve been sold a dream.

“Now been told January is not happening and no actual date given bit of a joke now.”

Some people seemed more considerate as one commented: “I popped in and they said the expected opening date for the gym is Summer 2024.

“I signed up and yes they took money upfront but I knew this was the deal. No surprise there.

“Can’t wait for this 24 hour gym to open in the area as there is nothing like it on the Lamorbey side of Sidcup.

“Appreciate patience is needed here as construction takes time.”

A PureGym spokesperson said: “We understand that members have been waiting a long time for the gym to open and apologise for the inconvenience caused by these delays.

“In December we contacted all members to reassure that they are still guaranteed the special sign-up offer when the gym opens or to offer a refund of their deposit if that is their preference.

“We will continue to keep members updated with our progress."

The initial statement released by Pure Gym in March 2023 says: “We are excited to be bringing affordable, flexible fitness to Sidcup in late summer 2023.

"With low-cost, zero-contract memberships, we will provide members with an extensive range of equipment and classes to suit everybody’s fitness needs, which they will be able to use at their leisure 24/7.

"We can’t wait to welcome new members through our doors later this year.”