What are Haringey teenagers getting up to every weekend?

Young artists are popping up all around, but word of the next Showerheads gig spreads faster than the plague around a small pocket of North London.

By the time their show rolls around, friends of the band bring their friends of friends, and the result is a packed concert often held at New River Studios, Manor House. 

But what draws Haringey and Barnet teens to this alternative rock band? The three members, Jon Gjushinca, Zak Greensite and Tobias Pike, are sixth formers about to leave for university. Since starting the band, they have built a strong, albeit contained, name for themselves. 

Pike (guitarist), describes a collective ‘'love for music” and explains how a ‘sense of community’ is felt by “everybody moshing together…and having fun.” Most of the Showerheads’ audience spent their young teen years in lockdown. A frequent attendee, Elsie Ingber (16 years old) states that the gigs act as “a really easy way to meet new people and dance to good music, you know… a lot of us missed out on key ‘growing up’ experiences because of covid. It’s a great way to make up for lost time and have a laugh.” 

The atmosphere is supportive and sweaty- all in all, a good combination for a fun, character building night out for the audience.

Their next gig is on March 2nd at the O2 Academy, Islington.

Pike also mentions an upcoming new album- keep an ear to the ground.