The year of 2023 has seen an increase in climate activism globally, as people recognise the detrimental impacts it is having on their livelihood. As of September 2023, the prices of food and beverages have been said to have increased by 12.2% since the start of the year (CPIH). What will you do in 2024 to support yourself?

The increase in food prices related to the cost of living crisis is directly related to the current global climate crisis. This is due to the fact foreign and UK crops are in a state of insecurity from more extreme conditions, such as drought, that have been occurring due to climate change.

   For this very reason, the British public is continuing to undergo hardships and face an ever-growing cost of living crisis, which is directly linked to climate change. 

    The cost of energy and gas, which is used by millions of Britons to do something as basic as light their house or something as important as heating their home during cold and harsh winter months, are also being affected and increasing in price.

Britons must do the best they can to help reduce their impact on the current climate crisis. This includes you and your family. So, what sustainable steps can you take with your family?

  • You can adopt more sustainable shopping habits, such as only picking necessary items to reduce your carbon footprint.
  • You can discuss methods of reducing your energy expenditure so that the prices of your bills can be kept at a minimum in this extreme economic environment.
  • You can actively take part in protest groups, such as ‘Extinction Rebellion’; a group produced by famous activist Greta Thunberg. 

These methods to increase your sustainability will help the world as a whole, as you will be reducing the carbon footprint of you and your family. In this way, you can support your family and the environment. Don't let this current climate crisis:

Hit home, hard.