Unleashing your inner genius, Review of the only study guide you'll ever need 

Any book lovers? If not, anyone that’s struggling with school. Don’t be afraid to admit it if  you are because I can definitely say with GCSE’s and A-levels it is so understandable. If so, I COMPLETELY recommend this book: The only study guide you’ll ever need by Jade Bowler…

Within the first 3 chapters of Jade Bowler’s, The only study guide you’ll ever need, I was able to identify the purpose of learning and how the education system truly works. Firstly, before we start going on about how I felt throughout these chapters, I recommend checking out Jade’s you tube channel (UnJaded Jade). I truly love watching her whenever I am lacking motivation and struggling to concentrate and excel in my studies. Which as being humans, is a very natural feeling. Undoubtedly, Jade helps readers realise that stress can be utilised in a positive way and being unmotivated is solely just a big fat MYTH! 

Reading this book, you’ll find that it’s often playful and colloquial but don’t let it fool you as it is filled with a bunch of incredible insights and ideas on how to adapt the way you learn into your revision. It’s like having an own personal study buddy reassuring you that struggle is 100% relatable in the world of education. You begin to feel understood when Jade talks about her educational journey with you. I of course wouldn’t spoil any of this for you because I’d love for you to read this for yourself. Trust me, and thank me later :) 

Be ready and start banishing procrastination so that you can reach your very best potential and crush your exams whether it’s smashing a pass or getting the grades you need for your dream that’s going to be reality. Happy reading!