With the launch of the first Superloop bus on July 15th 2023, and the others following it in autumn/winter 2023, the London transport links have drastically changed, making it much easier for members of the public to get around the Capital. 

Undoubtedly, travelling around London is a real pain - especially on public transport.

The introduction of these new routes , with less stops in between the initial and final destinations, has meant that people of all ages have been able to access opposite sides of the city in just minutes (subject to traffic). 

Furthermore, students, workers and tourists alike have been able to engage in more activities, as the decreased travel time has meant that they are more able to go out and make time for social lives. An example of this is that, in an interview, a student from Woodhouse College said that, thanks to the SL1 (launched in December 2023) she was "able to go home faster and spend more time with my little sister," however, the student also added that "the buses are advertised as coming at every 12 minutes, but often take 15-20 minutes, which is annoying because we have to wait for ages, and the bus stops get more crowded than usual," showing the increase in popularity for public transport among Londoners since the launch of the Superloop scheme. 

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has confirmed that the aim is to complete the launch of all Superloop routes in spring of this year (with the exception of the SL4, which will be in action following the completion of the Silvertown tunnel).

This in turn, will mean there will be an even more widespread use of TFL services in the next few years, which will decrease London's carbon footprint in the long run. 

Current active Superloop Routes include SL1- Walthamstow Central to North Finchley, SL5 - Bromley to Croydon, Route SL6 - Russell Square to West Croydon, SL7 - Croydon to Heathrow Airport, SL8- Uxbridge to White City, SL9 - Heathrow Airport to Harrow AND SL10 - Harrow to North Finchley.

(source of above information: TFL website)