Two people have been killed as Storm Isha brings to the UK strong gusts of wind up to 99 mph, as reported by the BBC.


Storm Isha started in the ocean, and is now getting stronger as it gets closer. It formed when warm air near the water rose up and met the cooler air, which created strong wind. It slowly got stronger and travelled across the ocean, while growing even more powerful. As it reaches the land, it brings with it a lot of strength it got from the ocean.


This storm is especially powerful. According to the BBC, it is one of the “strongest seen in two decades”, and brings “winds up to 99mph”. Power has been cut off in some parts of the country and many infrastructure has been damaged. The strong winds also disrupted transport. Many flights were cancelled and trains were delayed.


There have also been many cases of trees falling down and blocking the roads. Two people have tragically died as their cars were hit by the falling trees.


In our neighbourhood, many people have said that their fences were blown over or damaged. According to workers at Serco, many people have come to them to buy new fences lately.


At times like this, it is essential to keep safe, by securing loose items in the gardens and making sure that you don’t go outside too often. It is also a good idea to buy extra food and flashlights in case the powers go out. Let’s hope that the storm goes away soon!