The TFL(transport for London) Is a beloved system that runs through the heart of the city making millions of journeys possible daily, used by students and commuters alike to reach various places all in all keeping the city of London running smoothly. However in recent times services have becoming increasingly fraught with problem after problem in the wake of strikes and just general disarray.


This week like many others has kicked off another flurry of strikes. These strikes have a disastrous effect on the entire local population, especially noticed in students. Theses issues leave many without an accessible route to their scholarly institutions and without lifts from parents or others vast amounts of education and extracurricular activities are missed. They are stealing these students' ability to flourish in these environments with the amount of stress added due to the worry about transport and the time lost trying to get around the lack of train services.


Buses while more reliable in terms of strikes are becoming in some areas harder to catch and far less frequent with unrliability in timetables. For example in Kingston the central bus stop Cromwell Road bus stop is closed and will be for quite some time meaning many buses are harder to reach, In addition over the past few days the Eden Street bus stop has also been shut down leaving many with absolutkey no viable route home as buses hadn’t been stopping. One student Anushka Ramesh who suffered these issues on multiple days said “I don’t know what to do i am missing so much school due to coming in late and i have been forced to walk for over an hour and a half on multiple occasions just in order to get home. This is Unacceptable in my opinion.”