Its an incredible skill to be able to have the ability to speak two or more languages. It opens up so many opportunities and chances to explore new things too. Learning a new language can be so beneficial and educational and it can be great for travel purposes too.

One reason as to why being able to speak another language is important is because its very useful for travelling. Whether it’s a holiday, a visit to a family member or a business trip, it can be much more enjoyable if you have a better knowledge and understanding of what is spoken there. You would also be able to communicate with more people even if its just simple conversations in restaurants or shops. Whilst being able to learn the language, you’d also be learning the culture too which develops appreciation of other people and their own personal customs and traditions.

Another really important reason as to why learning another language is so helpful, is because it improves your brain function. It strengthens the part of your brain that is used for memory, speech and sensory and can build cognitive intelligence. Not only would this make learning even more languages easier, but it will also make it easier to learn anything too. It can also impact your future too as jobs are now starting to look for people who can speak multiple languages. It can give you a wider range of work such as hospitality and health care. This does not mean you won’t get a job if you don’t know any languages – it just expands the job choices. (Its great for your CV too).

Learning something from scratch can be intimidating and a lot of effort sometimes, but everyone has to start from somewhere. There are so many enjoyable learning resources such as Duolingo which helps you to maintain the basics of that language and overall, it’s a fun, productive and educational thing to start practicing.