Teaching: The Right Job for You? 


The world we live in is fast-paced and ever evolving, with new work opportunities handing themselves to the public every day, yet one thing remains in high regard in our society – education. The value of education has remained at a great height for many decades and so with that comes the demand for teachers. This article aims to guide those interested in pursuing a career in education and what the steps are to working towards a job in the academic scene.  


Why consider teaching in the first place? I had spoken with an art teacher in my local grammar school, and she shared that becoming a teacher allowed her to share her passion for art in a way that also inspired others as she found it to be very rewarding. Another conversation with the school’s librarian enlightened me on the aspect of making a small difference in a child’s life as they are easily influenced by those they look up to and being a good role model could help mold them into greater people as they grow older. She shared her experience working in a special needs school for work experience when she was 19 and she described being able to make a difference in a child’s life as ‘a very powerful feeling’.  


There are a wide range of routes you can embark on to gain the right qualifications for teaching, the most common being going to university to get a degree in education. Other options include going on to earn a postgraduate diploma in a subject of interest to you or taking on a Diploma in Education and Training (DET) course where you can receive hands-on training whilst you learn. 


Like all jobs, however, teaching comes with its demerits, including long hours and a heavy workload. Teachers have also reported the job having heavy emotional baggage as you need to be able to care for the mental welfare of your students. It is also important to consider whether you want to do this job for your own fulfilment as opposed to the pay, although jobs in the education field remain boundless and full of opportunities that aren’t limited to lecturing students in a classroom.  


Whilst listening to the perspectives of different staff around my local school, I have learnt that teaching has its obstacles, but the sheer impact an educator has on a student can be argued to be a great reward. With a compassionate heart and a strong desire to spread knowledge, this career path may be right for you!