As the year begins so does the countdown. The fear and excitement of what’s to come, starts to consume every free space of our minds and make us question what next?

The first hurdle to overcome as the year starts is getting back into the monotonous routine of our daily lives, whether it is school, a job or whatever you do on the daily. It is getting used to not having the ability to do what you want, when you want, getting back into this routine is difficult and exhausting but with some effort and persistence can be done.

Then comes the dreaded month of June when the worry starts kicking in and exam month begins. Now most of you probably aren’t taking any tests, but you probably know someone who is, whether it’s your own child, a sibling, a friend or just someone you know. Throughout these thirty days, you probably feel the waves of anxiety coming off of them, the random daydreams or stares at blank walls as they either try to practise for their next test or critique themselves on what they could have done better. Some of you may even be waiting to take your test, in a year or maybe two. And as you sit there, think about the tests they are doing now. You remember, that will be you soon and the panic begins.

Next, comes the summer holiday, A time when we can all relax, and forget about our problems. A time when we can just focus on the sun’s heat on our skin, on the birds chirping in the distance and on the gentle breeze flowing through our hair. A one-month period of fun and relaxation. Well, that is until it comes crashing down and the leaves start to change colour,

Not long afterwards, our streets become mountains and mountains of multicoloured leaves as the trees begin to go bare. Slowly our minds become consumed, by what we are going to dress up as, on the anticipated Halloween night, the decorations come up and the night goes by in a flash. A week or two afterwards as December rapidly approaches, Christmas trees are put up, decorations are placed and presents are bought. On the day children stay up hoping to catch a glimpse of the white-bearded man that goes through their chimney every year. The next morning they wake up, disappointed they missed the big moment, only for their sadness to be replaced with joy as soon as they open their presents.

On the final week of the year, everyone excitedly plans what they are going to do and where they are going be on the 31st. Some people decide to stay home or visit relatives or maybe go abroad, but wherever they are, as the clocks hit 11:59 we all start to countdown 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

And as the new year begins so does the countdown.