After a half-term of hard work, who wouldn’t want to reset and rewind? If you live in London, then read attentively. I will be introducing some of the affordable and fun things to do this half-term holiday. 

If you are a person that admires an alluring view, then book your “Sky Gardens” ticket as soon as possible. Sky Gardens provides the ultimate view as it is set at a high level making you able to capture a breath-taking view of London. Not only that but you can enjoy nature and its glamour as the emerald green plants surround you wherever you go. On top of that the tickets are free! Who could ask for more? 

As a person that enjoys trying new foods and discovering new food spots, Soho beats any other place when it comes to that. At the border of Soho Chinatown lies. Chinatown is filled with a lot of food places, and what makes it special is that you can find several cuisines and food to satisfy everyone’s taste buds. This is due to the diversity of the food served in the local shops. I can assure you that you won’t be let down by your visit. When it comes to my preferences, the best drink I had was “Tiger milk tea” from “Boba” in Soho just outside Chinatown and “Monga” fried chicken.  

Exhibitions are one of the things that give me ultimate relaxation. They might be a bit pricey. However, going there once in a while won’t hurt your pocket. As London is a touristic attraction/city, it is very easy to find exhibitions scattered around London. If you are interested in nature and animals the BBC experience is a must. BBC is currently running and immersive “Earth Experience”. You can lay down and unwind while going on a tour around the world to explore the world that we live in and the animals of each continent. You can also enjoy some immersive rooms associated with water life and the tiny life of insects that can help you overcome your fear of these tiny “monsters”. Not really interested in nature? No problem, artistic exhibitions are coming your way. Van Gogh is one of the most well-known artists worldwide. I didn’t know a lot about him until I attended the “Van Gogh immersive experience”. An experience that does not only display his artwork, but also displays his journey and life as a person and an artist.  

While we need to work, achieve and be productive. It is important to bear in mind that taking breaks and having time for yourself is not only important but vital and essential.