The Superloop was introduced in late 2023, to connect outer London. 
The scheme was initially introduced in 2008 by Boris Johnson, and was officially announced by Sadiq Khan in 2023. 

Where do the routes go?
SL1 - Finchley to Walthamstow Central
SL2- Walthamstow Central to North Woolwich
SL3- Thamesmead to Bromley
SL4- Canary Wharf to Grove Park
SL5- Bromley to Croydon
SL6- Russell Square to West Croydon
SL7- Croydon to Heathrow Airport
SL8- Uxbridge to White City
SL9- Heathrow Airport to Harrow
SL10- Harrow to North Finchley

How do these buses benefit those living in outer London?
Though of course there are already 695 London bus routes, the Superloop is an express bus, meaning every route has no more than seven stops compared to an average of 30 stops. 
The Superloop benefits those who live in an area with limited transport services. Kingston, in South West London, has the South Western Railway linking to Waterloo. However, there are no tube services or London Overground lines linking to Kingston. The new route to Croydon and Heathrow Airport means those with few efficient transport options will be able to travel to other areas in outer London more easily.  This applies to many other areas now provided with the new routes, such as Bickley, Grove Park and Silver Street. 

Why and where could more routes be introduced? 
Though London is the most well served city in England in terms of public transport, there are areas lacking tube services, the most efficient way to travel. Some places have only the London Overground, which does not go to Central London. For example, Hackney in East London has 14 different Overground stations, served by merely three lines, none of which go to Central London. Though the intention of the scheme is to connect outer London together, the argument that it must connect more central areas could be considered a moot point, the SL6 connects Croydon to Russell Square. The lack of Underground services also means that people in these areas find it challenging to travel to outer London. For example, if someone were commuting from Haringey to Bow, they would have to take a London Overground train followed by two buses. This means there is a case for some central areas (Haringey is in zone 3 and Bow is in zone 2) to be provided with a Superloop service. Furthermore, Walthamstow Central has gained two new Superloop routes despite already having access to the Victoria Line, and Ealing Broadway has a new route despite being served by the Central, District and Elizabeth lines. So, there also needs to be express routes in areas with fewer Underground services, despite many being considered too central to need these. As well as areas like Hackney and Haringey, this can be said for parts of Enfield like Edmonton and Winchmore Hill.