On the 25th of January, Surbiton High school is proud to celebrate its 140th birthday. It is a private all girls secondary school ran by the principal Mrs Glover, while there is also a girls and boys prep school, as well as a sixth form for girls.However, it was not always like this.

Surbiton High school was opened on the 25th of January 1884, with only 11 girls pupils, with the aim of providing a superior education for young girls, while being the first school opened under the Church School Company, now known as the United Learning. The head teacher at the time was Miss Mary Amelia Bennett, which the now English department is named after , Known as Mary Bennett house. Under her guidance , the school expanded quickly to 91 pupils. It had an ambitious curriculum as well as extras such as instrumental music and special drawing. The motto at the time was ‘be good sweet maid and let who will be clever’.

Over time, the school improved, with building and retaining strong links with St Andrew’s and St Mark’s Churches. The school soon expanded to provide for the senior and junior pupils and further in 1987, with the introduction of the boys prep school.

Surbiton High school to this day continues to encourage and power the students for their futures, with the help of the senior leadership team, heads of departments and many more teachers, coaches and speeches from those inside and outside the school. The school has gleefully participated in many events from the NHS competition that takes place in year, to the annual sports day and fashion shows. The school shows its love for the community with soul of the community, where years 9 and 10 participate in cleaning, painting, gardening and much more with the loving community surrounding them.

It is a known tradition that on founders day, each pupil celebrates with having an iced bun provided by the school. Given that it will be the 140th birthday, the pupils keenly await the celebrations!