Cultural identity is about who you are, not only this but it gives people a sense of belonging to a community. However, this can also be a complex topic for some individuals as it shapes who you become also affecting/coming into play with nature vs nurture theory. It's so important that it plays a significant role in shaping who you become as an individual. It encounters the beliefs, values, traditions, and customs that are passed down from generation to generation within a culture. Our cultural identity is often influenced by various factors such as our family background, nationality, language, religion, and the environment in which we grow up. Culture can implement Beliefs, Traditions, Values and Customs. 



Many people tend to confuse culture and religion however they are two completely different things. Your cultural identity doesn't automatically decide what religion you are. It can help shape your identity, attitudes, behaviors and everyday lifestyle of how you interact with people. It can implement pride in oneself and boost self-esteem. As a society we have a moral obligation to make all cultures feel welcome and take that extra step to celebrate and embrace everyone's customs/beliefs/traditions. 



Culture can be a complex topic for some. This is mainly due to toxic traditions/views from previous generations that many won't agree with today. For example, feminism or marrying outside your own culture being seen as a culture clash. These can call for some heated debates and tension.