We’re all conditioned to believe that Paganism or Witchcraft is evil or the work of the devil, but what is it really. In my experience I've found it's more about worshipping nature and the natural elements. 

Yule or the Winter Solstice is very important in the Pagan tradition. The Winter Solstice is a celebration for the rebirth of the sun since it takes place at the end of winter, it celebrates the part of the year where the sun “stands still” giving us longer and warmer days. 

Many people feel threatened or scared of the Wiccan or Pagan traditions because of the misconceptions surrounding the topic, people without the correct information usually tend to automatically label Wicca and Paganism as evil or work of the devil, neither of these are true since really all these beliefs are surrounded by the worshipping of nature and the natural resources. Of course, Wicca and Paganism are different, Wicca being the religion centred around magic, a large respect for nature and the worshipping of deities or goddesses, Paganism on the other hand is the main category of religions centred around the worship of nature, which makes wicca a subcategory of paganism.

Both Wicca and Paganism celebrate Yule or the Winter Solstice, there are many traditions and celebrations that occur during Yule which can also be seen in many Christian celebrations for Christmas. Decorating an evergreen tree, giving of gifts, decorating Holly, the hanging of mistletoe and feasts are all celebrations that Yule shares with christmas but there are more traditions Wiccans or Pagans take part in during this time. The main traditions of Yule would be decorating altars with winter items or things that represent the sun, burning of Yule Logs, Yule rituals that support resolutions and a new start to the year. However, many who celebrate the winter solstice may decide to celebrate it differently to suit their lifestyles or preferences. 

In an effort to further educate you on the customs and festivities surrounding the Winter Solstice, I've chosen to share some of my personal experiences. Decorating the evergreen tree, also known as the Christmas tree in Christianity, and gathering a log to serve as a yule log are the first traditions I follow. I make sure my altar is appropriate for the winter solstice by adding objects that remind me of the sun and winter, in addition to decorating the evergreen tree. In preparation for the sun's rebirth and to rid myself of the clutter, I also thoroughly cleaned the entire house, including my altar. On the 26th, I filled my jars with water to gather moon water, which I would use later. I enjoy spending time with my family around Yule, when we have a feast that includes customs from Polish culture in addition to items like the Yule Log. I also reward myself with something special, like new shoes for daily wear.

Hopefully this article helps you understand and educates you more!