2023, the year of the climate 


Before you simply read the title of this article and dismiss it as just ‘another teenager ranting about the climate’. I am here to tell you that the climate crisis is a serious issue that deeply effects the future of our planet, your grandchildren, children and yes, you yourself.And time is running out.


Whilst 2023 has been filled with many terrible things including war, death and destruction; the climate crisis is one that is most prominent but is not spoken about nearly enough, and if there has ever been a time to make it relevant, it’s now with 2023 being the hottest year on record resulting in wildfires across Europe and America, deadly heatwaves sweeping Europe over the summer and devastating tropical storms and uncomfortably warm temperatures in traditionally colder months.Yes, recycling, bringing your own bags to supermarkets and turning of your lights are vitally important steps in slowing down the effects of climate change-what really needs to change is the big companies and how they are producing products and energy. Changes from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources need to be made now, not in 2050 and more countries need to agree to net 0 pledges and commit to them. Now, you may be sat in your home wondering “well what can I do then? I’m not the CEO of a fuel hungry company!”well despite this, you can always make a difference. Here are some ideas just how you can:


. Write to your local MP, there job is to voice your concerns to the government and the more people who write the more pressure the government are under to change.

. Seriously consider your purchases, do I really need this? Do I just want it because it’s trendy? Will I still want to use this item in 2 years time? Is it going to last me, or break within a few months?

. Consider shopping in charity shops, this not only helps the planet, but also your wallet!

. Attend or organise peaceful demonstrations to coney your views and educate others on the cause. 

. Consider a plant-based diet, even if it’s just a few meals a week.

. And as always, recycle, reuse, turn your lights off and bring your own bags to the supermarket!!