Interview of the French tennis player, Gael Monfils

In a recent interview with Gaël Monfils, the French tennis star shared insights into his plans for the upcoming season, stating, "Next year, I'll aim to qualify for the Olympics; that's my primary focus." Monfils highlighted his dedication to achieving this milestone, emphasizing the significance of the Olympic Games in his career.

Monfils discussed his family-oriented approach to the early part of the season, stating, "I'll be traveling with my daughter throughout Europe, focusing on family time." This decision reflects Monfils' desire to strike a balance between professional commitments and personal life, showcasing a holistic approach to his career.

The athlete confirmed his focus on European tournaments, explaining, "After the Australian Open, I'll stay in Europe. No American tour for me." This strategic decision aligns with Monfils' commitment to a region-specific tournament schedule.

Regarding his physical condition, Monfils acknowledged minor issues, assuring fans that, "I'm actively working on strengthening vulnerable areas. Physically, everything is on track for the upcoming season." This meticulous approach reflects Monfils' dedication to ensuring peak physical fitness.

The conversation delved into the potential for Monfils to participate in mixed doubles with his wife, Elina Svitolina. He expressed openness to the idea, noting, "It might happen one day, but I'm not in a hurry. We'll see in the future."

Discussing his recent participation in the Ultimate Tennis Showdown (UTS), Monfils clarified, "I played for the enjoyment of the game and focused on physical conditioning rather than pursuing victory." This perspective highlights Monfils' commitment to the broader aspects of his athletic journey.

The interview touched upon Monfils' active presence on social media, particularly his YouTube vlogs. He stated, "I appreciate the fans' support, and I'm keen on continuing such content." Monfils hinted at potential Twitch streaming and the revival of vlogs, expressing eagerness to connect more closely with fans through various platforms.

Looking ahead to Grand Slam events, Monfils emphasized, "At the Australian Open, I aim to play quality matches and progress as far as possible in the tournament." This goal reflects Monfils' competitive spirit and determination to excel on the major stages of tennis.

In conclusion, Gaël Monfils outlined his ambitious yet balanced approach to the upcoming season, combining professional aspirations with family values. His commitment to qualifying for the Olympics, preference for European tournaments, and emphasis on physical preparation showcase Monfils' strategic mindset as he gears up for the challenges of the new tennis season.
Pierre Cotteau de Simencourt