A family has been left without a home and has lost most of their possessions after a fire ripped through their home in Bromley just before Christmas.

The house fire unfolded on Mead Way where four fire engines and approximately 25 firefighters were deployed to tackle the blaze on November 25.

The fire started at 12.53pm resulting in severe damage to half of the second floor of a three-story mid-terraced house – causing the second floor to collapse.

Emma and her son managed to evacuate the premises before the firefighters arrived but were treated for smoke inhalation by paramedics.

She explained that the fire escalated rapidly, with the flames spreading across a mattress before engulfing the house in flames.

This Is Local London: Damage to the home on Mead WayDamage to the home on Mead Way (Image: Emma)

Emma said that her fire alarms are overly sensitive, sometimes going off randomly for a few seconds. 

This time they didn’t stop, so she began checking the alarms and the house for signs of a fire.

She told the News Shopper: “I went upstairs and that's when I noticed the smoke coming out of my son's room.

“He was in the shower so I yelled to him, 'Fire! Fire!' - he ran out of the bathroom.

“We tried to put it out and then I went into panic mode. I can’t really remember it very clearly to be honest.

“It spread a lot quicker than what you'd expect. Between the time when I first noticed the fire and when I tried to put it out, It had gone from a little bit of smoke on the edge of the bed to the whole bed in seconds.”

She said that she believes that the fire was caused by a faulty lighter on her son’s bed.

Emma added: "What got me was the darkness. You couldn't even see at that point. It was pitch black and very scary.

“My son said to me ‘We have got to get out. There's nothing we can do.' So, we just got out of the house and waited for the fire brigade to arrive."

Crews from Bromley, Addington, and Lee Green fire stations brought the fire under control by 2.16pm.

Emma and her family are now staying temporarily in Travelodge hotels whilst the house can be assessed and repaired – but Christmas plans at their house have been cancelled as Emma usually hosts on the big day.

The only surviving item in the house was their Christmas tree, which Emma says she will be taking with her for the festive season.

This Is Local London: Damage to the home on Mead WayDamage to the home on Mead Way (Image: Emma)

A GoFundMe campaign was initiated by her friend Mark who aims to assist the family in coping with the aftermath of the fire.

Mark, whose partner is long-time friend of Emma's family, set up the campaign after learning about the tragic incident.

Emma explained: “We lost quite a few presents due to smoke damage in the room. Many of them were intended for my grandson.

“We couldn't risk keeping them, and a substantial portion of his clothes had to be discarded immediately due to the damage—most of them either burnt or melted.

“Yes, we've lost a lot but to be honest right now, we're not even thinking about Christmas; the main thing is that we'll all be together.”

Mark added: “Emma is a single mum who tries her best to support her children and three grandchildren.

“This was a freak accident and we are very lucky to still have Emma with us.

“Emma and her children have lost everything due to fire damage or water damage.

“I started the GoFundMe page for Emma and her family to help them as they have no clothes or anything and only left the house with the clothes they were wearing.

“All my family want is to support Emma and her family at this hard and trying time. But I would also like to thank everyone who has donated via the GoFundMe page.”

Emma explained that the response from the community has been overwhelming, with neighbours, friends, and even strangers contributing to the GoFundMe campaign.

She added: “I knew my community of Hayes. We always recognized it as a good area with a strong sense of community.

“I've got my neighbours texting me, there's a WhatsApp group with my neighbours who are all willing to help when we get back, all seeing what they can do to support.

“It's just amazing; you don't realize how lucky you are to be part of such a close-knit community.

“We are overwhelmingly grateful. We just can't put into words how much it means to us all that total strangers are willing to step in and help us at such a difficult time."