October 12th 2023, a day where the skies were lit up with colourful, bold fireworks. A day named: Diwali.


Diwali is the Hindu celebration of light, and the triumph of good over evil and Hindu’s all around the globe celebrate it by burning fireworks to light up the sky in colour to represent the light and goodness in life. It is one of the most, if not THE most, special celebrations in Hinduism.


On this day, Hindus would prepare the house, clean and make it look its best, as well as cook wonderful dishes to eat as a family later. The day may be pretty busy as it is usually in tradition to give sweets to any family or friends you have in the country you reside in, this means visiting their houses, occupying your whole morning. Many people will do prayers in the evening within a set bracket of time, decided based on the stars and planet alignment, which is best for conducting the prayers. After all the prayers are done comes the fun part of going outside and lighting a lot of fireworks. The day ended with thousands and thousands of beautiful fireworks that filled the sky.


But this day wasn’t, unfortunately, the best for everyone.


Later that night, a house in Heston, Greater London caught on fire. It is not yet confirmed what the cause of the fire may have been, however, Police suspects it may be from a firework that was lighted by accident in the house as part of the roof was destroyed. 6 people are confirmed dead with another still at hospital, 3 of the dead were children, along with their mother and 2 guests. The father is in hospital.


We rest our condolences with the loved one’s families.