On the 16th of November Wes Streeting, the MP for Ilford North and Shadow Secretary for Health and Social Care spoke to an audience of young people, hosted by the East branch of the Young Leaders Programme.

Interviewed by Faheem Khan, the founder of the Young Leaders Programme UK, Wes Streeting provided insight on the multitude of challenges he has had to overcome in life, which he elaborates on in his book: One Boy, Two Bills and a Fry Up, we were given a free, signed copy of this book if selected to answer a question. 

The majority of the event consisted of Wes Streeting elaborating on what it was like to grow up in poverty, the difficulties he had to face, especially those surrounding school. However, he left us with a positive note, serving as a living example that negative circumstances do not have to equate to negative outcomes. Anyone may reach their goals if they have the right mindset and ambition. 

Many students who were present at the event stated that it was “eye-opening” and reminded them that “anything is achievable”, expressing their gratitude for the Young Leaders programme for setting up such an amazing day. 

Despite all the hardships in Streeting’s life, he was able to overcome these and build a better future for himself, with the help and support of teachers at school and family. This was highly inspirational as many young people in the audience may have been able to relate to some of the events and setbacks that Streeting spoke about. Hence, this day served as a spectacular reminder that “if you can’t see someone who looks like you doing what you want to do, be the first”.