The famous musical Titanic, originally performed in Broadway, makes its way to Leatherhead Theatre as the drama department at City of London Freemen’s school brings it on stage. With the school orchestra in support, the musical is well-written and very powerful scenes gripped eyeballs till the end.

With a story and book written by Peter Stone, and music and lyric by Maury Yeston, the grand, tragic tale had just had its first show at Leatherhead Theatre, which turned out to be very successful with over 200 people attending. City of London Freemen’s school will continue to perform at the venue for one more day: the final show on Friday 01st of December is said to have almost the entire auditorium booked already.

As a member of the Titanic cast, I would say it has indeed been a very rewarding experience: we met with people whom some we knew and some we don’t, and this show completely brought us outside our comfort zone: I personally have never performed to a crowd this big before. But after the final curtain drops, I feel like I learned a lot of skills such as line delivery or characterisation; and above all, I made some great new friends!

Such experiences does not come with sacrifices, of course.  A couple days of school had been missed in order to accommodate all the rehearsals. As a result, some cast members are rightfully concerned with the catch-ups they have to do once they return to school.