In 1985, Kannalingham "Indran" Selvendran founded "Morley's," a small, family run chicken and chip shop on Sydenham High Street, called ‘Morley’s’. Selvendran was born in Sri Lanka, but he later moved to London during the 1970s. Like many other immigrants at that time, had a significant impact on London through his famous and iconic restaurant, which would become a part of British culture. Shan Selvendran, his son, took over the business when his father passed away in 2002.

Since then, Morley’s has skyrocketed in popularity, and as of 2023, it now has 100 stores. It has become a well-known hotspot for secondary school students, as well as young adults. Not only do they consistently offer deliciously seasoned wings, with the option of a side of cold strawberry Miranda, but they also have affordable prices which draws in a lot of young people.

Due to the current cost of living crisis, fast food prices have been rapidly rising; McDonald’s, Wingstop and KFC are just a few examples. Many of McDonald's food items has increased in price, between 10p and 20p. This includes the McNuggets share boxes, breakfast meals, upgrades from medium to large meals, and probably the most impactful one – the 20p increase of the formerly 99p hamburger. People are searching frantically for less expensive options as their incomes aren't increasing at the same rate as inflation. As a result, Morley’s has seen an increase in popularity. They have built a strong bond with London's youth and have become a beloved and iconic brand through their consistent delivery of affordable and quality food.