Have you ever thought that Gcse Sciences were actually not useful? Or have you thought that it will never impact your life? Truth be told, the world is full of science and everywhere you turn you will see the creation of something brought to life from an incredible human everywhere. Welcome to the Kingdom of Science.

On Monday the 27th of November, I was one of the most fortunate of people to go all the way to Gcse Sciences in Action all the way in Central London. I used to be like one of you. Thinking that it will never be useful to life and is a complete waste of time but how little did I respect the grand achievements of scientists that came before me before I watched 6 interesting lectures in a chapel.

 Rebecca Nesbitt gave us an eye-opening lecture on which animal or animals should we save out of two options. What would you choose between a horsehair worm or a honeybee? Naturally, I would guess that you went for the honeybee as human beings tend to be in favour of pretty things. We all are subjective and always looking out for pretty things if I should put it so lightly. The point I am making here is that a lot of preservations have to do with look and not what benefits us the most. That is why an ugly animal preservation society has been established.

Who would have thought that chemistry would have brought us human beings dyed colours. Did you know that the original dyed colour was purple? Created by 18 year old William Perkin many centuries ago and because the combination needed to make the purple was so rare it became a royal colour. Methylene Blue is now used in malaria medicine. It helps doctors identify the malaria parasites by staining them blue.

So don't say that Gcse Sciences are absolutely useless. You do not have to become the next William Perkin or Albert Einstein. Just acknowledge all the wonderful things that Gcse Sciences and more has given you in life. There you have it folks, Gcse Sciences In Action!