When the air begins to bite in bitterness, and the cold air frosts over the last remaining signs of Autumn, we are all in need of snuggling up on the sofa with our beloved, to watch our favourite Christmas Classics; so delight in the delicacy while you still can! In Fact here are a few of my all time favourite Christmas movies; just for you!




This eventful Christmas Rom com features Lucy’s (Sandra Bullock) mundane and lonesome life, face the twist and turns that the complications of love and family provide; her problems all rooting from one singular act of kindness- saving her long time crush Peter, ( Peter Gallagher) from an oncoming train.

A festive yet heartfelt movie, which will have you cheering till the end- you name it this movie has it…but you’ll never guess what happens next.


DIE HARD(1988)

The heroic one and only Detective McClane ( Bruce Wills) lands in LA on Christmas Eve to be united with his children and newly estranged wife in time for the festivities; only to find he is interrupted by a group of terrorists, who take over the Nakatomi Plaza. With no one else to liberate the hostages but him, the situation becomes a platter left at his feet alone.

One of the most Action packed Christmas classics of all time that's just flooded with festivities; a must see movie, so don’t stray your eyes from the screen.



The screens are graced with the presence of George Bailey (James Stewart), an aggravated businessman who is tempted to end it all on Christmas Eve; his plans are interrupted by the apparitions of an Angel who seeks to alter his views on life- will he have a change of heart? 

Whether screened in colour or not, our beloved George Bailey is a pillar  for the warmth and love meshed together with the ambience of Christmas in this Classic. Highlighting to all how Christmas can change us - and for the better!