RMS titanic, the maiden voyage. I imagine what springs to mind is the Hollywood movie, Jack and Rose, their doomed love story, could he have fitted on the door? (yes). I would like to turn your attention to Titanic the musical, one of the musicals possible less well known and mainstream, I cannot lie to you it doesn’t have the same uplifting tone as mamma Mia. However, it does tell a very historically accurate tale of the ships tragic demise.

All the parts in the musical were names of the real passengers on the ship which really gives the musical an authentic feel and makes it all the more tear inducing when its fate is sealed. Without wishing to give any spoilers I think it’s safe to say the musical ends with what the ship was famous for, as in common with the film, it still sinks.

This production is currently being put on by City of London Freemen’s school at Leatherhead theatre, the sets are incredible, the props and costumes are accurate to the time period, but it is the music, for me, that puts it above anything else.

In a good musical, the peaks and troughs of the show should be clearly defined by the music, this musical does not disappoint, Maury Yeston who wrote the music and lyrics and Peter Stone who wrote the story have certainly not failed in creating something so heartfelt and emotional at some points but also uplifting that it will make you smile. So here it is, hopefully your latest obsession, Titanic the musical!