This year has been both a relief and a mass of stress for the current year 11’s, however as of recently, we’ve been told that we’re the last year that will be receiving the formula sheets due to covid restrictions and the impact it had on learning the basics back in early years.


In Year 11, students face a lot of new and challenging concepts in subjects like maths and science. Having formula sheets can make a world of difference. Why you might ask?? 


1. Time-Saving: Having access to formula sheets, students don't have to waste time trying to recall every single formula during exams. Instead, we can quickly refer to the sheet and focus on applying those formulas to solve problems. It saves so,so much time and allows us students to complete our exams more efficiently.


2. Reduced Stress: Exams can be nerve-wracking, and the pressure to remember all the formulas can add to the stress. Having formula sheets reduces this worry by a million. Students can have peace of mind knowing that they have all the necessary formulas at their fingertips. It helps us to stay slightly more calm and focused during exams, leading to better performance and outcome.


3. Focus on Understanding: Memorizing formulas can sometimes overshadow the actual understanding of underlying concepts. With formula sheets, students can shift their focus from memorisation to understanding the principles behind the formulas. This deeper understanding helps our problems and prepares us for a brighter future.


Equation sheets are a valuable resource for us Year 11 students. They save time, reduce stress, promote understanding, ensure fairness, and prepare students for the real world. So, it's definitely important for us Year 11 students to have access to formula sheets this year. Good luck with studies Year 11’s :)