Most of us probably know the more famous streets in London like Baker Street, Bond Street and Ilford Lane. Though not many people know about East Ham High Street. East Ham High Street is a street which is based in Manor Park and East Ham. This High Street has many restaurants and shops. It seems to have got it all from clothes to food.

Most people come here to eat. The majority of restaurants in the High street are Indian Cuisines, so anyone who likes eating Indian food would really enjoy visiting there and eating the food. This High Street also has fast food places like Mcdonald's, KFC, Pizza Gogo and many other delicious fast food places.  

You name it and there it is. Need to wash your clothes, there is a laundromat. Need to get a cake for a birthday, there is a variety of dessert shops. Want to get a book, you can go to WHS Smith. 

My favorite thing to do in the High Street is to get delicious Milo from a local South Asian grocery store on the High Street. I highly recommend that drink.

What makes this special is that whenever I visit this High street, I always feel at home. It always amazes me whenever I walk past the Sri Mahalakshmi Temple, the beautiful architecture is always something worth looking at. In Christmas time, the High street is always decked out in beautiful Christmas lights which makes me feel astounded every year when I see it.