does exercise benefit your grades?

If you are someone who partakes in a sport regularly and is a student, especially a GCSE or A-level student, you may have heard teachers and pears tell you that if you continue with your sport, you may risk your grades suffering, particularly if you train multiple times a week, but is quitting really the best option, could it even worsen your grades?


The basic answer is yes, exercise does in fact improve your grades. Exercise releases endorphins (the happy hormone) helping improve your mood and mental health, a vital part to getting those top grades.Additionally,Sport optimises your mind set to improve attention and motivation; exercise prepares and encourages   Nerve cells to bind to one another which is the cellular basis for logging in new information which key to learning and memorising content.


It is also proven that athletes perform better in academic settings than non-athletes, having better school attendance, cognitive performance and classroom attention and behaviour. Furthermore, partaking in team a sport is great thing for your mental health and relationship building skills, making you an easier and more social student to work with, sport also helps with your mind set and perseverance levels as you have learned to be resilient through tough sessions and directly the results of hard work, an important asset that can help with study motivation and get you through those rough exam seasons.


So, all factors considered, maybe think twice if your teacher recommends dropping your sport to improve your grades!