Prepare yourself for an evening of endless laughter and entertainment as Whitgift performs Shakespeare’s play Twelfth Night! Immerse yourself in the whimsical plot of another one of Shakespeare’s play’s and widen your horizons. This play is a musical adaptation of the original playwright’s classic romantic comedy featuring a love triangle and confused identity which will have your head spinning with excitement. This musical will capture you with its jazz funk music score just before Christmas. Whitgift’s technical team, although it is relatively small, has still constructed mesmerising sets that tricks the mind and makes the audience believe they are there in the play too. How would you like to lose yourself in the moment?


This wonderful production has been directed by Mr Hammond, the Director of Drama at Whitgift school. In the past he has produced amazing plays, last year he was able to lead the way on the show ‘Caucasian Chalk Circle’, which was remarkable. Mr Hammond’s track record suggests another success this year, making it a must watch event. The dates of the play are from December 6th to December 8th. Each ticket, for parents or family of Whitgift students, is £5, however if you are not affiliated with the school then your tickets will cost £10. This will be a small price to pay for an astounding experience. This performance will start at 19:00 every night the show is on.


Seats will be allocated to you when you buy your tickets, but you will only find out your seating once you arrive at the school. Your tickets will be available for collection when you arrive at the venue. To avoid the disappointment of being seated on the back row then you should buy your tickets early and as soon possible. The link for where you can buy the tickets is displayed under this text: