On the 25th of November smoke was to be seen coming from the Morden via Bank train on Platform 4. Passengers didn’t panic until the fumes started to spread along the platform and some staff came around to check out the site to run off worried. Passengers were then instructed to go to Platform 2 as the trains were supposedly to be redirected to but, shortly after, people were being evacuated. 

Firetrucks and police cars were then spotted outside the station reeling a hose into the station. The station closed leaving hundreds of civilians on the surrounding premises. As a local witness, who asked to remain anonymous, stated that this whole scenario seemed to be “Crazy” and that “Londoners are already accustomed to dealing with these situations”. As it is one of the primary routes of public transport in London, this incident on the underground has pushed out a lot of people onto the streets where buses and other nearby stations received crowds of people. 

So far there hasn’t been a reason why the smoke has appeared. But there was a similar event that happened more recently on November 1st at Chalk Farm (which is near Camden Town station) where smoke also flooded the station’s platform due to a fault in the brakes. There was no fire at the scene, but the station had also evacuated people out. This caused further delays down the Northern line otherwise they’re back to normal. 

All we could do is to hope for a potential permanent solution to these smoke outbreaks.