During this cold month of November you may be looking for a getaway? Luckily for you, Dubai is a perfect getaway from the cold and we've brought in an interviewee to answer some questions.

Q1: Is the economy in Dubai Succeeding?

Answer: "Yes, it is, our GDP has doubled in growth over the years and everything here is prospering, our rates in homelessness are low and our housing is cheaper than houses in England as well."

Q2: Is sand prominent in Dubai?

Answer: "Yes, Its become quite the problem as its course and rough and it gets everywhere, however it also comes with the benefits of heat here, the sand is only an issue if you go somewhere barefoot, or just in socks, when wearing shoes it becomes very manageable.

Q3: How often does it rain in Dubai?

Answer: "Not very much, usually its constantly sunny here, If you like the rain then Dubai Isn't where you wanna be. The constant sun is refreshing, but it can get too much at times, it really depends on your mood, whether your feeling optimistic or downtrodden."

And that's all the information we have time for, if you like hot temperatures, cheap housing, diverse cultures and beaches then Dubai is the place for you, Dubai: The infinite summer