In a world filled with both beauty and darkness, it's hard to ignore the aspect that can be truly disheartening. From environmental degradation to social injustices, the challenges we face sometimes leave us feeling overwhelmed. however by acknowledging theses issues we can work towards creating a better more compassionate world


Why does the world have to be so horrible? Why can people not live a life without being racially discriminated against for the colour of their skin that they were born in. or why cant teenage girls go out without having people look them up and down who are  up to three times their age yet all they are doing is wearing a tracksuit. We have grown up in a world that tells us how we should dress and how we  should be acting when we are outside and leave them  four walls. Why can we not all live in a world where we are not mentally and physically destroying it. Why can we not leave the house without having our parents being worried if they will see us again that same night. We live in a world that uses social media to find out everything but also makes people think that everyone has to look a certain way and if you don't you are class as an out cast 

 I have no idea when the world became the world it is now. I really hope that when I'm older and have kids  that the world is a safer and better place for children to grow up in.  However, despite the many challenges and disappointments we may encounter, it's important to remember that there is goodness, kindness, and beauty in the world. By staying hopeful and taking action, we can contribute to making it a better place for everyone. Together we can overcome the darkness and create a compassionate and harmonious world