I went to Zuaya, a Latin American restaurant on Kensington High Street, and had the tastiest tapas I have ever tried.

The interior of the restaurant is dim and moody, giving the atmosphere you need for an intimate, romantic evening.

There are leafy, green vines hanging along the ceiling and corners of the rooms with Latin American music playing, making you feel transported away from the hustle and bustle of London as you peruse the menu.

Zuaya’s menu is tapas style, so diners choose 3-4 plates each to make up their meal.

This Is Local London: ZuayaZuaya (Image: Emma Fradgley)

Restaurant staff then bring the plates out as they are ready which I personally loved as it gave me the chance to properly focus on each food I was trying.

Of course, as we waited we had to order some guacamole which was fresh and zesty and came with some delicious crisps to dip into it.

As we tucked into our guacamole, we both chose to order a cocktail since the drinks menu was so amazing.

I chose a cosmopolitan which was fresh and fruity – my absolute favourite cocktail.

It was difficult to narrow down the plates we would choose since they all looked so delicious.

This Is Local London: ZuayaZuaya (Image: Emma Fradgley)

Eventually, I made my decision and chose the 24-hour slow-roasted lamb taco, the roasted BBQ chicken bao, the Spanish chorizo and provolone empanada and the grilled king prawns with lime and chili.

My favourite dish of the four was the roasted lamb taco, it came with a sprinkle of mango salsa adding a touch of sweetness to the meaty plat.

The meat was tender and soft, I could not fault this dish.

Another dish I adored was the chorizo empanada – it came with the most incredible red pepper sauce to dip it in which was smoky and sweet.

The roasted BBQ chicken bao was equally tasty, with the chicken being tender and moist, just like the lamb, and slices of cucumber inside the bun to give the plate a fresh, crunchy touch.

The prawns were spicy and buttery and keeping the heads on them allowed them to retain so much gorgeous flavour.

For dessert, I chose the chocolate fondant as it is one my all-time favourite desserts.

I was surprised when it arrived to see that this was a chocolate fondant like no other.

The cake was a vanilla sponge with a swirl of chocolate buttercream and a sugar twill on the top.

I was in awe when I broke into the dessert with my spoon to see marbles of white and milk chocolate oozing out of the cake.

It was a dream for chocolate-lovers and I have to recommend it to anyone visiting Zuaya – you will not be disappointed.

We finished the meal with a glass of cava as we continued to take in the relaxed and fun atmosphere at Zuaya.

The restaurant staff were all incredibly friendly and attentive, always checking in to make sure that we had everything we needed.

Each plate that came out was faultless, I couldn’t have asked for anything more. 

Zuaya was a 10/10 spot for me that I would recommend to anyone looking for an evening of delicious food, a unique atmosphere and impeccable service.