On November 2nd, every year, London receives an intense makeover. The city becomes embellished in glitter and the warm glow of the festive lights. Oxford street, Regent Street and Bond Street are now synonymous with Christmas heaven, due to their extravagant festive displays. The sweet smell of Christmas magic wafting through the air (in the form of cinnamon and mulled wine) can be found all around the city but is ultimately traced back to the numerous Christmas markets. The markets are dotted all around the city and have a surplus of festive food and idiosyncratic gifts. 

Winter wonderland is perhaps the most important pit stop on your Christmassy tour of London. Winter wonderland is well renowned for being a haven of yuletide happiness, with a plethora of food stands and rides for everyone, winter wonderland is the epitome of Christmas fun. 

New bond street is widely regarded as the most elaborate Christmas display in London, with high end shops such as Cartier, Chanel and Stella McCartney going all out to produce astonishing displays that leave tourists mouths agape. The cartier store is wrapped as a present and makes for the perfect photo opportunity, just opposite is Ralphs coffee by Ralph Lauren which serves the ultimate hot chocolates and coffees. Ralphs Coffee serves drinks injected with Christmas warmth and the feeling of happiness, it’s the perfect place to end a Christmas tour of London.