Throughout life we are taught to trust those who  enforce the law and that they will always be there to protect us and never cause us harm. So tell me why this summer a 13 year old black boy was rammed off his bike by a police van and handcuffed for a blue and pink water gun that apparently looked like a pistol. This was an innocent boy racially discriminated against because of the colour of his skin. All he was doing was having a water fight with his younger brother on a hot day and he then had to be a victim of injustice. Why does this world have to be like this? Why can't we all be equal? It does not matter about the colour of their skin  even though on the outside we may have different colour skin. Inside we all have the same colour blood so why do some people have to be treated differently for the body they were born in. and why is the justice system so corrupted   how many more people have to go through stuff like this until we make a difference.

What does it have to take? What does it have to be someone who is  famous to  be racially discriminated against to then make a change. Or do more people have to die before they do something about it. So how can we trust the people to make the laws and actually use them in the correct way and not cause children to fear leaving the house every day. And they question why so many youth are not following the law and why some many of them are so rude to the officers that are actually there to protect them but its not our fault how are we supposed to know which ones are the good cops and which ones are the bad cops we always thought there were only good cops