Why finding your passion is important? 

In life, you need things to motivate you and help you stay on track, with your goals and achievements. Being passionate allows you to have a growth mindset and will help drive your motivation. Furthermore, your current hobbies and interests may also lead to you getting an idea of what career you may want in the future. 


Making new friends (you meet likeminded people) 

Gaining experiences 

It can help your career as it shows your determination and how willing to learn outside of school 

Having fun and good memories 

Focusing on meaningful activities allows your mind to be at ease 

You may think hobbies are just not for you or you may be nervous, however that’s not the case. You can feel a sense of belonging when joining a club and a fun environment to learn in. Learning a skill can be rewarding. I set myself a target of learning a new skill I am proud to say I can sign the British alphabet and a few phrases this gives me a better understanding as I've learnt a new form of communication. In addition to this joining a club allows you to interact gaining better independence and social skills. 

Developing a passion is a great way to unwind and not only relax but make great connections leading to amazing opportunities in life. Being happy and doing something you enjoy is great (also reducing risk of health problems) a hobby I enjoy is writing. Joining a club can hopefully relieve any stress or worries!