Christmas has already started in Wimbledon Town with their Wimbledon Winterfest. Everything, from ice sculpting to children’s sled themed swings, was free. Attendees of all ages could enjoy the wide range of activities offered at this event which were all completely free. Children’s laughs were heard from all around as thousands of people gathered to check out the multiple concession stands. The market based outside of Morrisons, just next to Queens Road, is full of food stands and runs for six weeks from November to December on weekends. Some examples of food stands included the German Sausage stand and a vegan cookie stand, which had some different kinds of cookies that you would not be able to find anywhere else. Sadly still, the Wimbledon Winterfest has come to an end as the rare occasion only happens once a year.


During my visit to the Wimbledon Winterfest, I had the opportunity to speak with Craig, the CEO of Love Wimbledon, and Tracy, the market manager who both played a big role in organising the event. Towards the end of Queens Road was a large tent filled with numerous recreational things to do. As I was asking Craig about the various set ups that he had at the fair I came across a tent and so I asked, “I saw a tent over there for a charity. What do they do?” and he answered saying “The Wimbledon Guild. Despite their name, they are a borough wide charity. They mostly help older people with loneliness and hardships.” Craig is a wonderful CEO and loves the community as he says, “It is expensive to run but we do what we can to make everything as free as possible.” Tracy then chipped in by saying “So this is an opportunity for them to fundraise, so instead of us charging the children for the activity, the charity stays there and accepts donations.” I later told him, “This is probably the best winter fair so far!” and he laughed and happily said “Thank you”.

Tracy and Craig are very approachable and are extremely helpful around the fair despite their high up roles in the company. They are around if you have any questions.

Would it not be nice to start your Christmas off with an amazing fair?