Two pro-Palestine demonstrations have taken place outside the offices of both Harrow MPs.

Protestors holding the flag of Palestine and placards reading ‘Free Palestine’ gathered outside the office of Harrow East MP Bob Blackman on Saturday (November 18).

It came after the Conservative politician voted against an SNP amendment in the House of Commons calling for a ceasefire in Gaza.

Footage of the demonstration posted online showed one protestor holding a sign reading: "From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free" - a slogan many Israelis and their supporters consider to be genocidal. 

One speaker at the event described the war in Gaza as a "genocide". 

Two weeks prior – on November 4 – protestors had also gathered outside the office of Labour MP for Harrow West, Gareth Thomas.

Mr Thomas abstained in the November 15 vote on the Gaza ceasefire amendment.

In footage of the demonstration posted online, protestors can be heard chanting: "Stop bombing Gaza, stop bombing children". 

Others can be heard saying: "Ceasefire now". 

In total – six north London MPs voted for a ceasefire, nine abstained and five voted against.