On November the 13th, Year 10 house football took place, a heated competition for honour and house points. Over 15 games resulted in the close (1-0) victory of Brecon (Red) in the finals against Greencoat (Green). A devastating own goal decided the victor but Brecon’s performances in their other games was deserving of their win.


Sam Hearn, Brecon’s star striker, told me that “some tough fought games and upsets meant a great tournament but our hard work paid off”. He scored some great goals, including a penalty to put Brecon into the finals. This event truly showed off his talents and provided some great experience and confidence.


On top of this house football is a great recruiting opportunity for the students. Many players on the school teams were discovered during house football as they may not have other chances to play with coaches watching them. Even if they aren’t recruited players who rarely play can take the field to help their house and develop their abilities.


Focusing on some other houses, Hayes, the winners of the tournament last year came 3rd in a surprising upset. A series of missed penalties in a shootout snowballed leading them to this position. Datchelor who came dead last previously have made an improvement losing to Hayes to come 4th. Southwark and Camberwell came 5th and 6th respectively.


The competition this year was riveting to watch and participate in. The effort of the sports staff to coordinate this for multiple year groups deserves thanks and their effort certainly led to some entertaining football.