Many people adore the revered cereals like Crunchy Nut or Rice Krispies that have been a staple in their daily diets for most of their lives, and Kellogg’s decided to celebrate this by opening a small but cute Kellogg's Kombos pop-up a short stroll away from Shoreditch High Street station, appealing to cereal mixologists and the regular cereal munchers alike. 


The event took the form of a walk-in only store situated just on the corner of Club Row, and was exclusively open for just 4 days from the 26th- 29th October during the half term period, so I found an opportunity to nip down to Shoreditch with my sister on the 28th October to experience a fraction of the grand range of cereals the small pop-up had to offer from the majestic Kellogg’s branch. 


As with most exclusive London pop-ups, the Kellogg’s Kombo café boasted a lengthy line that wrapped around the corner of the street, composed of eager small children yearning to have a bite of their morning cereal, alongside teenagers and young adults within a similar age bracket to myself clamouring to experience the wondrous cereal bowls the Kellogg’s chain had to offer. Due to not wanting to face the prospect of wasting away in a queue for close to two hours, my sister and I made the instantaneous decision to gallivant around the illustrious Brick Lane a short walk away. 


Brick Lane is a beautiful lane encompassing rich vintage stores and a large underground market filled with astonishing intricacies as well as a huge cultural food market brimming with flavourful delicacies, so I’d highly recommend giving the area a visit if you’re around Shoreditch. 


Thankfully, once my sister and I headed back to the pop-up after a couple hours, the line had shortened significantly, so we were able to secure seats quickly in the small but adorable red-and-white interior before we loaded up on the scrumptious cereals from the vast selection available, with my sister stacking up on Coco Pops whilst I chose to munch on Multigrain Rice Krispies. 


Savouring the flavourful, crunchy cereal and relishing in the cool, refreshing milk, I asked fellow customer Anna Sujoy how she felt whilst enjoying her delicious Coco Pops, to which she replied, ‘This reminds me of my childhood and how I would eat Coco Pops for breakfast almost every day’, showcasing the mutual nostalgia felt by many enjoyers of cereal. 


Overall, visiting the pop-up was a splendid opportunity to languidly enjoy some delicious cereal whilst delving into some nostalgia surrounding the breakfast food, so I have high hopes for whatever Kellogg’s brings next to London and am looking forward to trying more familiar foods in the future.