A special school in Dagenham still holds Ofsted's top rating following an inspection.

Trinity School in Heathway received another glowing report by the education regulator, and has continuously been rated 'outstanding' since 2007.

The latest inspection took place across September 26 to September 27, with the report being published this month. 

Trinity has around 300 pupils, between ages 3 and 19, with "very complex" needs and staff understand these needs "extremely well", Ofsted wrote.

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Inspectors found a "highly personalised" curriculum for each pupil and described the work environment as a "family". 

The Ofsted report said: "The whole school community is united in its commitment to the values of the school, and works harmoniously for the benefit of pupils and their families."

Pupils enjoy going to the "excellent" school, inspectors said.

"They like the lessons and the staff who teach and support them. There are lots of interesting and engaging things to do at school and everybody works hard to make it a welcoming and cheerful place for all pupils."

Staff were described as "patient and attentive", allowing pupils to be as independent as possible.

Ofsted said: "The school is a calm and welcoming environment. Many pupils require a high degree of support to help them manage their emotions and behaviour, and this support is put in place in a calm and respectful way.

"All staff have very high expectations of pupils to behave well and to try their best in lessons.

"Pupils are polite and respectful to each other and they are relaxed in the company of the adults who support them. Adults who work at the school understand how pupils are developing their social and communication skills."

The latest visit was what Ofsted call an ungraded inspection, where they visit 'outstanding' schools once every four years to check they are still maintaining that standard.

It was the second ungraded inspection since Ofsted judged the school to be 'outstanding' in November 2014.

A spokesperson for Trinity School said: "This is a massive achievement as a special school."