Television's 'Dark Destroyer' struggled to pick a winner when he judged children's art in a school's exhibition.

Shaun Wallace, who appears on ITV quiz show The Chase, was invited to see pupils' work for Black History Month at Braintcroft E-Act Primary Academy in Brent on November 3.

But the barrister and professional chaser, who has broken the hearts of countless contestants on the show, was at a loss when asked to single out the best piece from a display of pupils' work.

Teacher Lamia Miezou explained the exhibition aimed to focus on specific significant figures within the Black history theme, drawing on history, geography and art.

She said: "The children have had such creative flairs at such a young age that using an assessment felt inappropriate, so we set up an exhibition for the first time ever to be held by E-Act Academy.

"His visit and his engagement with the students were a great privilege and a unique experience for the school’s community."

She said Mr Wallace stayed for more than an hour and signed autographs before he went.

She added: "He was great. He struggled to pick and the kids quizzed him as well. He asked 'Can I choose more than one?'"