Many of us stared up at the sky in awe in the past couple of weeks, eyes fixated on a beautiful visual display above us. But beneath their mesmerising beauty, are the fireworks we set off on festivals such as Bonfire Night, Diwali, and New Year’s Eve really as amazing as they look?

Although they can light up the sky in a myriad of colours, fireworks can actually be incredibly harmful to many aspects of our world. Immediately, the environmental impact may spring to mind. We are all aware of the visual smoke that is left behind but what you may not know is that a multitude of harmful toxins, dangerous chemicals and metal particles are also released into our atmosphere and can stay in the area for days. This means that people’s general health – especially those with lung diseases – can be impacted if they are breathing in this polluted air. Fireworks have even been linked to a higher likelihood of heart attacks in people with heart problems.

People who say they would support a ban in the UK express their dislike by explaining how fireworks nowadays are often too loud and the loose laws around them mean that anyone can make a purchase use them in ‘antisocial activities’, rather than for their intended use. It is argued that if other countries can bring in harsher laws around fireworks and their private use, then why can’t we?

So, should tougher laws be brought in around fireworks, or can they just be harmless fun?