As the festive season approaches, many can only think of one thing to fill the winter night sky. Fireworks. However, for some, these occasions are far from joyous. 

Dogs are normally seen as a comfort and protector in households, however for many, their behaviour in firework season is quite the opposite. Though to you it may seem like beautiful, colourful displays, many of our furry friends do not see it this way. Their acute hearing enables loud, distressing bangs, which are oftentimes frightening. Not only this, but fireworks are unpredictable, and dogs often do not know where the bangs are coming from, leaving them unsure of whether there is a real danger or not.

Dog owner Lauren Jones said 'I find it hard to enjoy them (fireworks) anymore. All I can think about is her (the dog). When she hears them, she doesn't eat, she doesn't go outside, she hides the whole time. Sometimes she acts like this for days after. It makes me feel so sad to know how scared she is.'

It is clear why fireworks can be so distressing to dogs and can disrupt days of their time, not just in the moment they hear them go off. So, enjoy the beginning of the festive period, but remember to give some extra love to your furry friends.