School is something many students say they do not enjoy, however for those with upcoming exams this year, the struggle may be much more prevalent.

I spoke to Year 13 student Evie about how she is feeling regarding both her A Levels, and her Mock exams, which are just weeks away.

In general, Evie says she is actually feeling 'quite good' about her upcoming mock exams as after seven years of doing them it is 'nothing new'. 

When asked about the pressure of these exams, she said that to her own surprise 'This set of exams is the least amount of pressure I've ever felt. I'm not sure if it is because I'm feeling quite confident for them or because I've gotten used to the pressure a lot of my peers feel from school but definitely compared to previous years I feel quite content.'

When asked about how this new lack of pressure would affect her performance, she gave an interesting response. 

'I am not doing anywhere near as much work as I have done previously. but I also do think this could positively impact it (the exams).' When asked why this was she spoke of how mentally draining previous exams were due to her extensive revision. This actually led to her having 'so little motivation to do more work' and therefore struggling with managing school. 

The final question asked was whether Evie actually believed her mock exams benefited her in preparing for her upcoming A Level examinations. She had a mixed response.

'In terms of recognising the gaps in my knowledge post-exam, mocks aren’t always the most helpful thing for me, since it is rare that exams contain every single piece of information covered in class.' However, 'mock exams can be so helpful as knowing the process of going into exams and having a rough idea where you might be sitting and other small things like that can be really helpful at easing anxiety come exam season in the summer. It means that my focus can be completely on the exam I'm about to sit.' 

So, are mock exams truly helpful? Or is it a waste of needed effort on struggling students