Thinking of becoming a Nurse?


Nursing is a profession that gives professional care to those who are ill. You have to be dedicated for three or four years to have a full-time nursing degree. Some qualities nurses demonstrate are caring, compassion, good communication, good listening, patience and dedication. The benefit that comes with nursing is you can travel around the world, you have the freedom to go into any speciality such as Midwife, clinical nurse, or theatre nurse and you can feel valued and part of a team, you can also help those in your family.

However some troubles come with nursing, being as some of your colleagues not listening to you, you might have disagreements with your colleagues. Nursing is a tough occupation that carries a lot of responsibilities. 

The day-to-day responsibilities of nurses are...

Monitoring patient's pulse, blood pressure, temperature 

Monitoring patients progress 

looking after patients to see if they are okay

check if the patient has any discomfort 

order equipment for the operation in operation theatres 

making sure that the patient is safe when they go home i.e they have someone to take care of them 

Assist Junior Staff 

Looking after colleagues 

Qualifications for becoming a nurse 



It is essential to have 5 GCSE at a grade 4 which include science, maths and English.



You will need 3 A-level subjects, one should include a science such as biology, the courses ask for at least a grade of 5,5,5 or 6,6,5. 


The grades might vary depending on which university you decide to apply to.