Worth it or not?

PE GCSE is the perfect subject if you are looking for a ''balance of practical and theory'' as quoted by Amy a PE GCSE student. You learn how to stay healthy and about the body, to simplify your GCSE career, you are learning and revising for two subject at one, PE and biology.

Athough you need to be able to play one or two sports efficently outside of school,one you get to spend one more lesson a week outside, which is increadibly important for your mental health.No to mention one less hour of sitting inside cooped with extra work is essential for your mental and physical wellbeing. PE GCSE forces you to continue doing a sport outside of school, though this means less studing time, you get more opportunities to make friends and take a break.

Althogh there is quite a bit of theory to it, the consepts are easy to grasp and it is easy to answer the questions as the markscheme is more simple compared to other subejcts. Due to PE GCSE  not being the most popular subject, teachers can focus on each student and it hleps them advance further.

Not to metion the variety of paths it opens for us as young athelets. Continuing PE opens up many well paid professions, and also help gain a deeper understanding in others.With PE GCSE, you could become a professional coach, a physiotheripist, a professional at your choosen sport. It will also help you advance in life if you are aming to become a doctor.

I think PE GCSE is woth a try, so as options evening is coming around, go to the PE deparment and see how you think of it. Try somthing new,.


Prisha Goel

Newstead Wood School