Have you ever wanted to become a psychologist? Have you ever wanted to help young children with cancer?

A psychologist (according to the Cambridge dictionary) is someone who studies the human mind and human emotions and behaviour, and how different situations have an effect on people. This can be a tricky job to get into. So, I have interviewed a professional psychologist, Dr Margarita Chacin of Horley Psychology, to ask her some questions. Not only is she a health psychologist, but she is also an Academic lecturer in Metanoia. Dr Chacin has been a psychologist for a total of 16 years now. Her first ever job was working with young children and teenagers with cancer and in palliative care all the way in her home country, Venezuela.

Dr Margarita Chacin has kindly given us some tips and tricks on how to become a psychologist and what you need. She said, "To become a psychologist, it is important you like to help people and actively listen to them".She also said, "You need to be motivated to study and learn new things at all times. This is because there are always new ways of treatment, so you always have to be up to date".

Dr Chacin also explained the "long journey" of becoming a psychologist. Of course, you first have to pass your GCSEs and then your A-Levels.Then, your Bachelor's degree is followed by your master's. Then, you get your doctorate and then an optional post-doctorate.In total, it should take as little as eight years to complete the journey, but it is most likely to take longer.

So what do you think? Do you think you have it in you to become a psychologist?