Bella Velo Cycling Club is the largest women’s only cycling club in South West London. Founded in 2017 by Belinda Scott and Alison Dex, in only seven years it has gone from strength to strength and now has over 300 members. 

I spoke to Vicki Jones, one of Bella Velo’s ride leaders and asked about the club and what it does for its members. 

Vicki explained that she had joined the club in 2019 after getting hit by a car on her commute back from London. Vicki said, “I lost all my confidence and was very nervous about cycling again. A friend told me about a women’s only cycle club based in Richmond Park. I looked on the website and found out about their introductory rides which seemed very welcoming and accessible. After a few months, I joined their rides and very soon I was cycling 100 miles and all set to take part in Ride London - a famous 100 mile ride in the Surrey Hills.”

Then not long after, Vicki undertook the training to become a ride leader and now leads cyclists out to places like Box Hill and Windsor. 

I asked Vicki why she joined a women’s only club as opposed to a mixed group. She said, “there are very few women in the mixed clubs, it is very dominated by men. Bella Velo is really inclusive and supportive, I might at some point join another club, but for now, Bella Velo is the only one for me.”

For more information you can visit their website, which includes more details and how to join.