Our engagement with the environment, especially how much we observe, consider, and appreciate the nature around us in our everyday lives, is critical in promoting good mental health and reducing stress.

How much time do you spend each day staring at a screen? For most people, their average time spent on a screen is about seven hours which is shockingly more than a quarter of the day! Many of us are actually spending less and less time outside as a result of our increased reliance on technology and a global trend towards urban living.

Whether it is a leisurely stroll through a local park to a day spent exploring in the far countryside, nature has been linked to a variety of benefits, including enhanced focus, lowered stress and better mood. When we have a strong connection with nature, we are often happier, believe our lives are more meaningful and have lower levels of despair and anxiety. In fact you not only connect with nature, but connect with more people and build a sense of community.

 Perhaps consider taking a few minutes to watch the sunset at night or the sunrise in the morning. According to some research, it is clear that these natural landscapes promote increased perceptions of the world around us, developing a greater sense of ‘awe’. Although it may seem like it is simply a day-out, going to the beach can actually play a huge role in boosting mental health and well-being, due to the therapeutic effects marine and coastal landscapes have.

Connecting with nature will definitely bring you happiness, even if it’s in a small way!